Malvasía Clásico 2009

  • This succulent, sweet wine is our own homage to the history of wine in the Canary Islands. Referenced in Shakespeare and renowned throughout the world, these late-harvested wines captured the hearts of thousands. Today, we ensure that this legacy lives on.

    Our Malvasia vines grow next to the ocean, where the mild weather and cooling breezes allow for the perfect, slow development of flavour. The sweetness is naturally developed in the grapes over a long ripening period, which also helps to create its remarkable flavours and aromas.

    Exotic and immediately engaging, with aromas of bitter orange, rose petals, dried apricots, almonds and delicate white flowers. The natural sweetness of the wine is impeccably balanced against a persistent, mouth-watering acidity; a captivating wine. A perfect pairing with cheese boards, foie-gras and a variety of sweet desserts.