Listán Blanco de Canarias 2020

  • Listán Blanco de Canarias was first brought to the Canary Islands in the 18th century by Andalusian conquerors, where it now thrives in our volcanic soils. We grow it at higher altitudes to emphasise the natural freshness of the grape, and we still train the vines in the traditional ‘parrales’ method inherited from the Portuguese settlers in the 15thcentury. Our vines dot the slopes and ravines in the north of Tenerife, created by the last eruptions of the Teide volcano, where they´re cooled by the ocean breezes.

    A delicately fragrant wine, our Listán Blanco has engaging aromas of fennel, dried fruits and fig tree leaves, with the distinctive, smoky minerality that is so typical of wines grown on volcanic soils. This crisp white wine pairs beautifully with grilled fish, potatoes and 'mojo verde'; a traditional sauce from the Islands made of garlic, cilantro and olive oil.