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Viñátigo Hompage - Teide Volcano and Elaboraciones Ancestrales Bkanco


A Land of
Heroic Viticulture

Viñátigo Wine Collection

Our wines are the culmination of decades of work; translating the volcanic soils and native grapes varieties of the Canary Islands directly into your glass.

Viñátigo Vineyards

Wine, at its best, is a clear reflection of the place where it’s grown. Learn more about our individual plots, and what makes them – and the resultant wines – unique.

Viñatigo Canary Island Grape Varieties

Our founder, Juan Jesús Méndez has saved many of Tenerife’s native grape varieties from the brink of extinction, and they continue to thrive in our vineyards today.

Viñatigo Winery

Built from the very rocks we walk on,
our winery is designed to adapt to its surroundings and facilitate our winemaking philosophy.


Discover the incredible wines of the north-west of Tenerife.

See our experimental vineyards, learn how the wines are made,

and join us for a tasting at our winery.

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